Candles & Cocktails!

This looks fun – learn how to make Candles AND Cocktails at our good friends Denton & Denton offices at 3516 Highland Avenue, Manhattan Beach THIS Saturday, June 12th from 10 – 11 AM. ☀️ Get a spot while they last – and make sure to check out their super cool collage wall in the bathroom while you’re there 😉

“Learn the intricacies of candle-making with this hands-on class! The workshop will guide you through how to mix fragrances together, the correct wax-to-fragrance ratio, the best type of wick for you candle, and how we choose the right scent for each unique candle. Once we go through the basics, you’ll receive all the supplies needed to make your own candle, choosing your jar color, fragrance oils, and wick. Plus, come up with a clever name for your personalized label!”


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